This is artificial snow I rendered in C4d with a 3d logo.  I harvested the shadows from the graphic and layered everything in AfterEffects. I also changed the background  from day to a night scene.


This is somewhere between rotoscoping and animation.  Whatever it is, I did it for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia’s butterfly exhibit.

I started with footage of a butterfly flapping its wings.  On a frame where the entire top of the butterfly was visible, I traced it out, shape by shape in Shake using the roto shape tool.  Then I tracked the wings and applied the four-point tracker to the shapes that I had traced. Once that was done, I shook off the footage node and exported the composition with the alpha channel to AfterEffects where I rendered it with motion blur.

symptoms mountaintop

here’s a matchmove I tracked with PF Track and exported to Cinema 4D for 3d compositing. The trick is to get significant parallax motion data to animate the camera for you. Honestly, this just barely worked, but the highlight glint toward the end is what tells you it did.